Class Descriptions


Yoga for Everybody:

Yoga Basics
Vinyasa flow at a slower pace with low heat, focused on learning alignment and sequencing.  All skill levels.  1.25 Hrs

Lunch Break Yoga
Loosen the muscles and joints for a midday pick me up with low heat and low intensity.  All skill levels.  0.75 Hrs

Gentle poses utilizing props for deep stretching and relaxation.  All skill levels. 1.25 Hrs

Yin and Meditation

Gentle and restorative using mainly seated postures for deep stretching, stress relief and meditation practice. All skill levels.  1.25 Hrs

Ashtanga for Beginners

Classic Ashtanga flow led into the first few seated postures.  After the basic flow this class moves to a modified closing series.  No music with low heat. All skill levels. 1 Hr

Family Yoga

This unique class will introduce you and a family member or friend to vinyasa yoga and meditation in a fun and intriguing way.  It is interactive, uses partner poses, and allows for creativity. Any child attending must be able to walk and has to be accompanied by someone 18 years of age or older.  Waiver must be filled out by a legal parent or guardian.   1.25 Hrs

Heated and Power:

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Sun A and B based classic vinyasa flow with medium heat. All skill levels.  1.25 Hrs

Hot Power

Powerful vinyasa flow with high heat, strength building poses and a fresh twist on the classic sequencing. Intermediate and advanced skill levels.  1.25 Hrs

Power Yoga Jams

Powerful vinyasa flow with a fresh twist on classic sequencing, strength building poses and pumped up jams.  Intermediate and advanced skill levels.  1 Hr

Special Offerings:

Kids Yoga
Mindfulness mixed with playfulness. For 3-10 year olds. Waiver must be filled out by a legal parent or guardian.  1.25 Hrs

A special focus class held once a month. Skill levels will vary.  3.5 Hrs

Private Yoga Sessions
Personal yoga training sessions by appointment.

Community Classes
Free class held once a month. Outdoors when possible. Great for all skill levels. 1.25 Hrs