Angela's Roots

We have the power to create our own happiness.

Recently, I lost sight of this valuable rule. I was working a demanding, tedious job that didn't suit my personality in the least. Seriously, I felt like a mouse stuck on a wheel. I gave up the things I enjoyed and whenever I did have free time, I was exhausted.
Then, my relationship went downhill, eventually crashing and burning in a fire of betrayal, flipping my whole world upside down. Initially, feelings of hopelessness, regret, and anger consumed me. But soon after, I realized something. I was settling for unhappiness. I had to take back the wheel and steer my life in a direction that suited me. So....I did just that.

Although these experiences knocked me down a step (more like a flight of stairs) .... and made me question the future of humanity .... they were, actually, eye-opening. I look at it as life slapping me in the face to wake up and create the reality I actually wanted. Since yoga had always been something I enjoyed, I turned to it for peace and focus. By meditating, setting intentions, and practicing full present awareness, I started to free my mind from the shackles of my worries. Every yoga class presents empowering challenges to the body and will power, creating a lasting effect of fearlessness. On top of all that, yoga reveals the love that still remains within you and within others.

The way yoga helped me through hardships has inspired me to pursue a career in it. I believe we should live a lifestyle that makes us feel whole and accomplished while nurturing and expanding our bodies, minds and spirituality. Practicing yoga sets a foundation for this to be possible. It teaches us to recognize and stop unhealthy behaviors and thoughts. It helps with accepting the past, mistakes and all, and leaving it there while setting small goals to improve yourself for the future. Did I mention the wonders it does for the body?

I hope Roots Yoga can be an inspiration for others to take the leap necessary to get out of an unhappy situation (or just to better an already good one). The choices we make every day are stepping stones, building upon each other. We must consciously and actively place those stones in the direction we want our lives to take. My goal is to share tools to make that process easier, in an effort to spread well-being.

We have the power to create our own happiness.

And we shouldn't settle for anything less.


Jaimee's Roots

Going into business with one of my oldest friends has been a dream of ours since July of 2010.  Before I could do anything fruitful, I had to shut down.  To make decisions to better myself and reclaim my sanity.  My 30 day rebound helped me immensely and gave me a positive mindset. This helped nudge me to make creative business moves, and put myself out there without (much) hesitation.  Not to mention giving me the confidence to hold my head high through outside doubts and questions.  Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.  
Facing My Fears:
The first fear to knock down was the fear of failure in all of her illustrious forms.  The fear of baring my soul and letting my real voice shine through.  In front of a crowd or written to be forever found on the web.  Public speaking and the fear of rejection intertwined.  The day I started loving myself again was the same day I said, “fuck the fears and live your life like you’re the one writing your story,” quite literally.  
Supporting The Family:
I have my son and his future to think about in all of this business.  Since his birth I have made it a point to work my (dead end job) hours around a schedule that allowed me to be a “stay at home mom with a part time job.”  Our financial situation was just as important as our quality of life and our quality time together.  I’ve always been an independent woman, but putting my head over my heart in these situations causes more work than necessary, in hindsight.  By loving myself and letting go of outside expectations, I have gotten to a place where I’m ready to take the most effective path for us.  
Merging Work, Family and Friends:
This is about the quality of my life and my livelihood becoming one.  I want to forever be surrounded by the ones I love, while getting paid to do it.  The millennials revamped American Dream, if you will.  Not only that, but to be in a non judgmental place of growth and inspiration while we do so.  
Setting & Accomplishing Goals:
This is an important why and how to keep our lives fresh and our business successful.  This is a way that Ang and I are setting our once, most whimsical dream asail.  One wacky carefree night in the woods is what got us to this point and to what will be our careers.  Take those dreams and make them goals, make those goals into reality.  When that’s said and done go back to square one.  
Sharing my Story to Help Others:
The most help I’ve found with problems in life and love, has come from sharing those issues with the ones that love and accept me, for who I am.  I’ve also done some listening to loved ones problems and seen the peace an understanding ear can provide.  We’re here to offer all of that to all of you.  We also want to have an open communication wave to help us grow and learn from your point of view.  We all have something to gain from our pain, and empathy to give.  It can only make us all better more connected humans in the end.