The Crown Chakra- Sahasrar

Intergalactic knowledge and Psychic ability unveiled.

Our seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head and controls our pituitary glands.  When channeling this charka your physical focus should be on your skull, brain, nerves and spinal cord.  


Signs of Imbalance: Detachment from spirituality, hopelessness, fearing the loss of identity, loss of connection with life and the people around us, energetic disorders, mystical depression and chronic exhaustion.  

Meditation or guided meditation surrounded by crystals and white or violet light.

Meditation or guided meditation surrounded by crystals and white or violet light.


Benefits of keeping a balanced crown chakra: Self knowledge, unity with the omnipresent being, consciousness, enlightenment, bliss, understanding, faith in the presence of the divine, inner guidance and insight to healing.




MUDRA: All fingers crossed besides ring fingers pointed up, hands rest on stomach.


BREATH: Mindful breath and your mantra

SOUND: Silence


STONES: Amethyst, crystal, topaz, alexandrite and sapphire.

SCENTS: Frankincense, olibanum, oakmoss, lotus, lemon, orange, spruce and rose.

Orchid Mania! Cleveland Botanical gardens 2015
Aviary. Chicago, IL Valentines Day 2015


There are no specific foods related to this chakra.  A detoxifying juice cleanse is suggested for the sahasrar chakra.

Juice Recipe:

-1 beet peeled

-2 carrots

-1 C. Spinach or Kale

-Handful of purple grapes

-1 Orange juiced

-1/2 T. ground turmeric

-1/2 T. ground clove 

-Add all ingredients to juicer and enjoy!

(you can also blend or process then strain pulp with wire colander and cheese cloth.)



  • crocodile pose

  • cat/cow

  • hip circles

  • headstand

  • savasana

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