Write off Your Worries....

Six Shooter Coffee, Cleveland Ohio

Keeping a journal is a simple inexpensive form of therapy.  By putting our thoughts and feelings (good, bad and indifferent) on paper, we give calmness to our mind.  It offers a fresh perspective on what is running through the head.  These "fresh eyes" can show us new solutions to decisions we face daily.  A journal can show us patterns in our behavior that we otherwise wouldn't see so plainly.  Looking at our patterns over time lets us realize what is working, and what needs work.  Writing these things down with a sense of recognition is the first step to changing things in life.  Out with the negative, add more positive!

Below we have compiled lists of journal prompts for a variety of different emotions.  Our journal of journals.  We hope this helps you on your journey inward.

~ Namastè



  • What are (at least) 5 reasons I felt thankful, grateful, happy, love or loved today?
  • Are there any themes or recurring signs happening in your life lately?  If so, how do they make you feel?  What do you think they mean?
  • Recognize and list the things that you have control over in your life right now.  Are you pleased with the way you handle these things?  If you could make them better in any way, how would you?
  • Write a journal about your dream job.  How can you set goals to work towards living your passion?
  • Write down your dreams!  Try to figure out where your subconscious begins and rational thought ends.


  • Is what caused this anger important to my life 5 years from now? 
  • What is this anger here to teach me about awareness of self or my relationship with others?
  • Why do I care enough to be angry?  Write the situation from the opposite side of what your anger is directed towards.
  • Can you adjust your reaction to the scenario to help even out your temper, or take your anger away completely?  What is your ideal solution to remedy the anger that has come up?
  • Write to an imaginary friend and vent about anything that is bothering you, put it in the freezer for a few days.  Write back as a friend offering advice on how to deal with frustrations and anger that may arise.  Help you, help you!
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  • List and acknowledge the events that have rocked and/or shattered your world.  This is your list of things to let go of...
  • How can your life be new and better without whatever is on the list to let go of?
  • Write a letter to the person or event that needs resolution.  Give it forgiveness, even if you're not ready, say it.  Let out all of the sad, mad, happy feelings etc.  Say everything you want and need to say in this letter.  Burn the letter.
  • Set a goal.  Base it around how you can make your life better now that this heartbreak is moving into your past.  Work on this goal and being a new, stronger person 5-60 minutes each day.  Document your daily progress.
  • Write a thank you letter to your heartbreak.  Thank the person and events that occurred for the new strength & wisdom they have given you.  Turn your blame into a grateful lesson.
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  • Write down any and everything that is causing your thoughts to race. Keep a small note pad on you for when this anxiety arises throughout the day.
  • What is your main source of worry?  Is it caused by you, someone else, or a combination both?
  • Am I giving my attention to thoughts and situations that have the potential to better my life? How can I balance my energy without making my thoughts and situation(s) worse?
  • What are some positive ways I can better my life and thoughts daily?  Give yourself 10-90 minutes daily to take a break from anxiety.  
  • What physical and/or mental clutter can I clear out of my life?  Write it, prioritize it and do it!


  • Write and recall a memory from a moment you felt happy.  
  • What can I do for myself to feel happiness?
  • Write a list of things you dislike. Offer some simple solutions as to how you can change or remove these things from your life. 
  • Make one of the things you'd like to change your 30 day self love challenge.  Watch your patterns change through your journal.
  • Name 5 people who have helped you, without expectation throughout life.  How can you help others in the same way? 


  • Write yourself an apology letter.  Recognize that you have let a piece of your life be overthrown by your addiction.  
  • Write a goodbye letter to your addiction.  The good, the bad and the ugly, we're breaking up!
  • How can I keep my addiction out of my life today?  What changes can I make everyday that will keep me away from old habits and temptations?
  • Dear addiction, this is how my life is better without you...
  • How can I right past wrongs?  How can I manage my life & relationships without guilt or addiction?
  • Write a list of goals you'd like to accomplish over time, without your addiction. (Start with the 30 day self love challenge!!)