Thai Yoga Massage by Andrea D’Amore

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing modality that combines principles from accupressure, Ayuverdic healing, and yoga. The recipient remains fully clothed and the massage takes place on a massage mat on the floor, with bolsters and pillows used for comfort. The person receiving the massage will be compressed, pulled, stretched, and rocked to increase the flow of the life force energy and to address muscular imbalance. They will also be moved in to yoga like positions to help stretch, create space and properly align the body. The practitioner will use their palms, thumbs, elbows, and even their feet to provide the body work. The effects of Thai Massage are general overall relaxation and increased mood, decreased muscle stiffness and joint pain, and an overall better balance throughout the body.

  • Full Thai Massage Routine (90-120 minutes): $115

  • 60 Min. Thai Massage Treatment: $75

  • 45 Min. Thai Massage Treatment: $60

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